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About us

The Owners

As performing artists ourselves JoAnn and I needed gear for our own balloon and face painting set ups but we couldn’t find exactly what we wanted. So we made our own. Others wanted to know where we got them and the rest is, as they say, History.

The Company

We make all our items ourselves to order right here in the USA. We don’t have a crew, nor do we outsource to a forieign sweat shop. This means our turn around time is FAST. Three days is about average for us. Compare that to weeks or even months for some entertainer suppliers. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality items for the fairest price.

The Products

Our products are driven by you- that means we listen to what the artists need and provide it for you. We use quality materials, 400 Denier Nylon with a water barrier, Nylon netting tested for strength, Military spec strapping and we even use a heavier gauge thread to be sure your items look good, so you will too.
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