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Our Services

Balloon Gear

We make several “stock” items that can be ordered to fit your totes. Our most popular item is the Balloon Accessory Bag that fits on the handles of your tote and can hold up to 2000 balloons! Not enough? We make a set of Saddle Bags that wrap around the tote increasing that number to 5000! And that goes on the outside of the already huge tote! Which tote? Well, we make them for the Crop in Style, the Everything Mary line, Husky and Stanley Tool totes, Coleman and every other tote made. We even make them for Buckets! Need one to fit your Floor Pump? We got em. Filbert, Mac Pumps, Air Craft and home builts! Aprons? three different types. Click on the Store button to take a look at what we have!

Custom Orders

Balloon Gear We work with you to get the best product for the best price in the least amount of time. You supply the basic Idea, measurements and any materials if you want it to match your existing costuming and I hone it into a finished workable item and ship to you. Custom Balloon Gear Have you found that awesome piece of equipment that you know will set you apart and now want a way to incorporate balloon storage into it? That is what we specialize in. I’ve made gear for Medical Walkers, Push carts, Kiosks, Suitcases, Tool totes, Buckets and I can make a bag to fit your must have item. The best part is that a custom bags cost is usually no more than a similar sized stock item. Remember, I was a performer too, so I know that when you need something, it has to be the right thing, not something close. Most of my gear is made in Perfomance Black, but I can order most standard colors, and for a really customized look, I will take the material you send me to match your perfomance costume or outfit or even back drops! 

Fast turnaround for

Custom Orders

We were performing artists and we know what it’s like to need your new gear as fast as possible. Since I make every order when it is ordered, the only extra time that a custom order will take is the time to finalize the design. I can sew up most custom bags in a day or two.
What we do