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Our Services

Balloon Gear

We make several “stock” items that can be ordered to fit your totes. Our most popular item is the Balloon Accessory Bag that fits on the handles of your tote and can hold up to 2000 balloons! Not enough? We make a set of Saddle Bags that wrap around the tote increasing that number to 5000! And that goes on the outside of the already huge tote! Which tote? Well, we make them for the Crop in Style, the Everything Mary line, Husky and Stanley Tool totes, Coleman and every other tote made. We even make them for Buckets! Need one to fit your Floor Pump? We got em. Filbert, Mac Oumps, Air Craft and home builts! Aprons? three different types. Click on the Store button to take a look at what we have!


These are the Negative image of the one you want to end up with.  We do sticky back stencils for glitter tattoos, air brush gigs, signs, and more. We also make the for crafters- Glass etching, sandblast resists, and more. If you need to put down one medium onto another artistically and quickly then a stencil is a great place to start.  We can make them 2”x2” or as big as 25”x 25”


If Stencils are the negative image, then a Decal is the positive Image. We make them out of a super tough vinyl with long lasting adhesive- up to 5 years in the elements so your car window won’t be able to wear it down. These are used for windows, art projects; My daughter had me make a growth ‘ruler’ so her kids can see how they are growing. The trend to put quotes onto stairs, walls, lockers, Laptops is in and our decals come in just about every color imaginable. 

Custom Orders

Balloon Gear We work with you to get the best product for the best price in the least amount of time. You supply the basic Idea, measurements and any materials if you want it to match your existing costuming and I hone it into a finished workable item and ship to you. Stencils Need a specialty stencil for that awesome corporate gig? Custom Logo? Need it fast? We offer the same fast turn around service on stencils as we do for our balloon gear. And we do it for less. Look around- no one else will do custom designs for you without a set up fee or computer charge to convert the files you send. I can use just about any file- Jpeg, Png, TIFF, SVG, EPS, PDF, even a photo or sketch on a napkin!

NO Computer Fees or

Minimum Orders for

Custom Stencils

We are performing artists and we know what it’s like to have a great client that wants a logo for their party Until they get your bill for the custom stencil, so we don’t charge for set up or file conversions. We also do not have set minimums. If you want 120 we can do that. but if you only need 3 we can do that too. No Minimums means you can order just one if that’s what you need. 
What we do