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We hand make our products to

order yet our average turn around

time is only one to three days

Because we get your order processed fast, we also can ship fast. We ship via USPS which takes two to three days. If you need it faster we offer these premium services: USPS Express Service Mail that gets it to you faster. This is about 15$ more but shaves a day or two off the time. There is an overnight option for USPS, but as I am shipping from Hawaii, it is actually two day service and not any better than the Express Service. If you absolutely need it as fast as possible, you can use our expedited service which, like a Disney SpeedPass, jumps you to the front of the line and the mail schedule. This service is an extra $20.00  plus the cost of the Express Mail Fee.

International Orders

Shipping to ALL International destinations will vary. 

Canada has averaged 3-5 days, Germany is up to 3

weeks. Israel is about 14-18 days

Yes, International shipping is more expensive. All International orders are required to go through a Customs Checking process. Most countries will levy fees on imported items including mine. As a business, I cannot ship “to a friend” to avoid the VAT or custom fees for you. Please don’t ask. Customs fees are not included in the totals you spend with me because I am not allowed to collect a foreign countries taxes or fees .

Our Shipping Process

Our normal shipping days are Monday and Thursday excl. Holidays We ship exclusively through USPS. If you’d prefer UPS or another delivery service AND have an account, I will be happy to arrange shipping through your account for you. All orders except first class will have tracking numbers. I will forward you this number when the order actually ships. Problems in delivery: Please contact me so we can go over options to get the products you ordered to you as fast as we can.

Specialty Shipping

I can ship directly to a convention site or hotel for you. If you need a product and you know you will be at an event such as Twist and Shout or The Florida Super Jam, etc, I can ship to the hotel or address you are going to be staying at. I will contact you with the info I will need but I can get it to you when you need it 
How we get it to you